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Carolina Tinoco Franco, a visionary Venezuelan architect, brings over 25 years of experience in eco-design and social innovation. Her diverse roles as a curator, designer, speaker, and consultant have shaped her architectural approach rooted in social innovation, sustainability, and regeneration. She recently pioneered an innovative methodology in France, showcasing sustainable and regenerative design. This comprehensive approach, which includes prospective studies, interviews, think tanks, trend books, workshops, and curation of the "Design x Durable x Desirable" exhibition in Paris, can be applied globally. Carolina is available for speaking engagements, workshops, and exhibition curation, sharing her expertise and insights with a wide audience. In addition, she contributes to the upcoming book "La Habilitación Física de Barrios. Principles, History, Methodology" with AMHABITAT, where she has authored a chapter exploring human-centered experiences in urban design. Carolina's commitment to eco-awareness extends to relaunching ECODAR, an ecological education program for children (5-7 years). Originally initiated in 2013 by Nelly Guinand and Carolina Tinoco, this program has impacted 20,000 children in Venezuela. In 2023, the "Saving the Planet" initiative will launch in Miami-Dade Schools, aimed at leading environmental education and nurturing a deep understanding of Ecodesign and the 5Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, and restore) among students, parents, and teachers. Carolina serves as a spokesperson and speaker, consultant, offering workshops on ecological and social innovation methodologies and programs.

Carolina Tinoco

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