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Social & Eco-Design Innovation

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FAB CONCLAVE -Future of Architecture and Building 
Mumbai, INDIA
March 27th,2024  10:00 am

Grateful to be a speaker and part of the event @fabconclave Future of Architecture and Building in Mumbai. Considered disrupters and foward-thinkers I was among like-minded professionals committed to addressing global challenges. The theme mindfully selected by the curator Sarita Vijayan @saritaviyajan L.I.F.E Looking inward for the environment not only resonated deeply with me but it allowed me to bridge my professional and personal life intertwining creativity and holistic practices. My presentation was about Creating Conscious Impact. Social Innovation ,Ecological Transition and Spiritual Journey.

Among the speakers:  

Adi Cohen - Life-centered Architecture Way of  Being

Iman Ansari- Disruptive Interactions 

Carolina Tinoco -Creating Conscious Impact. Regenerating ourselves and the planet.

Ferdinand Ludwig- Architecture

Nripal Adhikary-Reinvestigating how we built things

Aseem Inam- Co-Designing Publics

Melissa Sterry- Panarchistic Architecture: Precepts of a Paradigm

Mike Tonkin & Anna Liu- The Nature of Place


We interconnected perfectly thanks to the impeccable curation and meaningful works of all the speakers. It deeply touched me and gave me hope that we can design a better world and give FIFE an chance !


¨World Leader Experts¨ book

"World Leader Experts" has soared to bestseller status within just a week! Inspired by the relentless dedication of @loaniglobal's Prof Caroline Malakas and Viola Edward @the.viola.edward, I am honored to stand among invited authors and also to be a co author among Josefina Baldo and Federico Villanueva in this groundbreaking book. Our article is about our work o. How to create a dignified HABITAT and uplift living conditions, ensuring no one is left behind. • L At Asociación AMHABITAT - Amigos del Habitat, our diverse team empowers communities in non-controlled urban settlements, often referred to as "slums" or "barrios," by seamlessly integrating them into the city's fabric. (Venezuela case study). Since 1991, AMHABITAT has pioneered successful programs, methodologies, and urban & architecture projects, uniting these so-called "temporary structures" with urban landscapes, elevating living conditions through professional and community collaboration. Our replicable methodology champions sustainability by empowering residents to manage resources while upholding transparency and ongoing community governance. Moreover, we are in the works to publish "Physical Habilitation of (Barrios) Uncontrolled Settlements: Principles, History, and Methodology" (bilingual edition). Alongside the platform, we're excited to extend mentorships, talks, and workshops, sharing our expertise and expanding our methodologies globally. We're actively seeking visionary partners and sponsors who share our fervor for positive transformation. Together, let's forge a path towards a sustainable and inclusive world. [ Let's harness the power of leadership to etch a legacy of enduring change!

Save the Planet by ECODAR
Miami, Florida

Welcome to ECODAR, dedicated to nature preservation. It all began with Carolina Tinoco, Mariela Martínez, and Nelly Guinand's ECODAR project. They instilled in children the importance of environmental care through daily lessons.

Our guide is now available on Amazon, and our presentation is attached. By downloading and supporting us, you can become direct sponsors for the program. Plus, your sponsorship may be tax-deductible! Saving the Planet transforms K-12 education and environmental awareness. The United Nations endorses this effort to combat climate change and improve education. Your sponsorship has a meaningful impact. Join our pilot workshop with the Miami-Dade Spanish Teacher Union. You can also arrange a workshop for your school or community! 


Save the Planet by ECODAR golf event on November 11th, hosted by the JQ Foundation. 

Thank you for being a part of this change. Together, we create a more conscious and prosperous world!

Sponsors presentation


Let's Match & Co
Paris, France

An entrepreneurial venture a brand that designs smart , useful and meaningful design objects that promote sustainable practices , inclusivity , global connections, joy and humor As I stride forward in my quest for connection, inspiration, and meaningful impact, I present my latest entrepreneurial venture: Let's Match & CO. Our brand, Matchless Matchmakers, unites Sterling Quality, Match-full, and Clash-Free experiences, fusing rhythm, fiction, and fortune. With captivating matchbox designs inspired by culture, art, and literature, I invite you to join me in sparking positive change by aligning our passions and visions. i’ m proud to présent my daughter Andrea Molina as one of the artists behind the designs!

Table Ronde Paris Design Prize
Paris, France
October 6th, 9:00 am

An inspiring Table Ronde in October as part of the Paris Design Prize! @dna_paris . The  discussion was on "Solving Human-Centered Problems" featuring thought-provoking insights from Nu Goteh, who will delve into the transformative power of centering community and dignity in design practices and how this approach can pave the way for a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable design future, transcending the creation of objects and structures to catalyze radical change in response to pressing social Issues.

Our esteemed panel includes:  

Nu Goteh @nuthervandross (Founder of Room for Magic & @deemjournal - US)

Justine Laurent - General Director at Circulab, France  

Samira Rathod @samira_rathod - Architect and Furniture Designer, India  

Jean-Marc Moulin - @norskhydroasa Director of Sustainability at Hydro, France  

Arthur Mamou-Mani - @mamoumani Architect and Founder of FabPub, UK  

Carolina Tinoco (Architect, Curator, Author & Speaker Eco design and social innovation).


It was an enriching dialogue that explores innovative ways to address the challenges of our time through human-centered design.

Can we shape a future that prioritizes community, dignity, and sustainability?


Date: Friday 6th October 2023 Location: Rens Lipsius Studio , Paris



Le French Design by VIA
Paris, France
2017 - July 

Consulting on sustainabilty for the Paris based organization. Carola’s work includes research on sustainable design for multiple projects, most recently for the series Cahiers d'inspiration (2022), the survey 100 French Projects (2021) on designers starting their transition towards sustainability and Le French Design 2059 on the cardinal values of french design. Her contributions to the organization include the Study "Disruption towards Sustainable Design", interviews, talks & workshops

Press File

Caracas, Venezuela
2008 - 2012

Founder and Director of ECODAR3, a creative consulting agency that provided ecological solutions on reusing and recycling everyday, industrial, and waste materials transforming them into resources for innovative artistic and design products. ECODAR3, a pioneering project, assisted governmental programs —Eco-design Program for Cultura Chacao—, and developed products —Solita upcycling design manual for schools. ECODAR included an “Ecolab”, which was an experimental laboratory for workshops and talks, covering all aspects of recycling and reusing, from food waste to eco-friendly architecture.

Press File

Founder and Creative Director of Barbarella, a platform for innovative solutions towards rethinking social events through artistic and sustainable collaborations. Barbarella conceptualized and produced contemporary eco-designed furniture and personalized set designs. Barbarella’s creative force and sustainable values proved to be a trailblazing project that positioned the company at the top of the market in Venezuela. “Barbarella incorporated original pieces designed by Carolina as the tangram, tripa, tube lamp, and many other designs, bringing the concept of upcycling furniture into Caracas’ creative social scene”.

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DesignxDurablexDésirable - L'art de vivre responsable !
Paris, France
March 29 - July 13, 2023


A survey on the mutations of the contemporary living environment consisting of 33 French design pieces -projects. The selection included designers, manufacturers, and editors moving towards more environmentally friendly creations and production models. These prototypes were selected because of their future-proof thinking, translating into reality sustainable ideas and providing answers to the challenges of a new responsible art of living.

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Upcycling, recycling and eco-conception exhibition.

Carola was the Curator of “Nouvelles Vies”, an exhibition held at the VIA which created a smart link between eco-conception, upcycling, and recycling at the cornerstone of furniture and product design with social and environmental interesting stories to tell. The exhibition brought together 40 eco-designers and was the starting point for the prestigious Design and innovation Institute Le French by VIA new focus on Sustainable Design.

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Playa Tierra Blanca
Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Project info

Info on demand.


to be publish, 2023
Book and Media Platform

Carola’s architecture work is featured in the book Physical Habilitation of Barrios. Principles, History, and Methodology (To be published, 2023), written by Josefina Baldó and Federico Villanueva. She contributed to the editorial project with a Testimonials chapter, for which she wrote the introductory remark and an account of her work. The book offers a summary view of the Venezuelan experience on the physical habilitation of the informal settlements called barrios. Included in the chapter are Carola’s prototype of a progressive house built with industrial waste from the oil industry in Punta de Mata, Venezuela, and her “Public Playful Spaces Methodology” applied in Altos de Lídice, Caracas. 

Press File

Press File

Pan-Tuche Chair
Caracas, Venezuela 2013

Paris, France 2014

As a critical comment on Venezuela’s political crisis, Carola transformed the Panton chair —a design icon from the 20th century— into a symbol of the “Catuche” slum —a Venezuelan urban icon— carving its blueprint on the chair by hand and using advanced digital tools (BCN fab lab).

Pan-tuche was part of “New Territories”, an exhibition that started at New York’s MAD Museum of Arts & Design, then went to New Mexico and Mexico.

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Centro Cultural de Chacao
Caracas, Venezuela 2004

Press File

An artistic installation of playful furniture built on the foundation of interactive design. This idea was inspired by mathematical puzzles made of modular pieces that can be assembled to create different configurations, allowing the user to play with them.  The achievement and the ultimate goal of this setup is the creative design that maximizes every space, however small, thus creating alternate seating for the amphitheater of the Chacao Cultural Center.

IMG_0079 copy.jpg
IMG_0088 copy.jpg
Nitangram instalation 2004 copy.jpg

Spanish for Holy crap it’s a bucket, this project consists of a series of poufs that were designed re-using empty paint buckets. This series of pieces was given to an interdisciplinary team of architects, artists, and graphic and fashion designers, to intervene. A selection of these “cuñetes” participated in the Latin-American Biennial show BID Madrid (2002).

¨Coño, Es Un Cuñete¨
Caracas, Venezuela 2013

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