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Exhibition Design


Upcycling, recycling and eco-conception exhibition

Paris, France



Carola was the Curator of “Nouvelles Vies”, an exhibition that was held at the VIA which aimed to create a smart link between eco-conception, upcycling and recycling at the cornerstone of furniture and product design with social and environmental interesting stories to tell. 


The exhibition gave a track record of the design efforts made in France, with an open window  to global eco-design.


More than 30 designers or collectives were involved in the exhibition. They work all over the world in series, limited editions, and unique objects. Their creations are functional, aesthetic and bear witness to new technologies  (such as the 3D printer), to generate new materials and facilitate eco-design with material libraries based on recovered waste and eco-materials.

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©Courtesy Design Pool


Pop-up furniture design exhibition

Paris, France



During the Paris Design Week at the courtyard of the Pavillon de la Reine, in the classy neighborhood of Le Marais in Paris, Carola curated a show about the work of Belgium designer Kaspar Hamacher that reuses dead trees and transforms them into sensitive design pieces.

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Architecture exhibition at Ateneo de Caracas

Caracas, Venezuela



Carola was the Curator and Organizer of “La piel en la arquitectura” (The Skin in Architecture), which explored the theme of light and shadows in the tropical arquitecture of Venezuela, exploring how membranes, walls or “skins” communicate the exterior with the interior of spaces and buildings as well as aesthetically and practically protecting the harsh natural conditions. The concept of skin in the exhibition implied a vision of architecture as a holistic discipline that demands sensitivity towards materials, the climate, construction techniques, the economy and above all aesthetics. The exhibition showcased the importance of sketches or free hand sketches, presenting texts and graphic materials of four generations of Venezuelan architects including, Carlos Raúl Villanueva, Tomás Sanabria and Fruto Vivas.

Contemporary art space

Caracas, Venezuela



Carola was Founder and Co-Director of LOCAL, a contemporary art space in Caracas. LOCAL was a project dedicated towards the investigation and dissemination of contemporary art produced by Latin American artists and whose main target consisted in presenting regional art in an international context. Simultaneously, LOCAL focused on developing its mission in four concrete areas: didactics, research, exhibition and editorial. During its initial phase, LOCAL showcased three contemporary exhibitions featuring Venezuelan Artists – Los Plomeros (The Plumbers), Falsas Pistas (False Clues) and Palimpsestos (Palimpsests), stimulating the interest among critics, artists, and intellectuals who contributed towards the recognition of the project abroad. This led LOCAL to participate in the VII Contemporary Art Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1998. 

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