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Sustainable & Regeneration Projects


Sustainable Design: Moving towards a Sustainable Consumption and Production cycle.

Sustainable Design 5 Inspiration Books: 100 French projects.
Presentation and facilitation by sustainable design consultants Nathalie Tinland and Carolina Tinoco

29 September 2022, 17th November 2022. Stay tuned for more dates.
Venue: Le FRENCH DESIGN gallery, 120 avenue Ledru Rollin, 75011 PARIS, France

Included in the registration is the purchase of the inspiration books which will be given to you at the end of the workshop.


The "Sustainable Design - 100 French Projects" inspiration trend books.

Produced by FRENCH DESIGN by VIA curated by Carolina Tinoco and Nathalie Tinlind. They are digital, and interactive, and aim to offer food for thought to designers, editors, and manufacturers in search of sustainable transformation.

These 5 Thematic Notebooks provide concrete answers, through 100 French projects representative of different paths towards Sustainable Design...

The five themes bring together current issues and innovations:

"New models" present projects that fall under the circular economy, mutualization and open source, or the social and solidarity economy

"Innovative processes" deals with eco-innovative materials, alternative techniques and new technologies

"Conquest of territories" evokes the industrial reconquest, short circuits, know-how inherited from tradition, and the links between contemporary creation and crafts

"Creative Visions" is a walk through the aesthetics of life and biomimicry, in R&D or desirable frugality

Finally, "Usages d'avenir" outlines new relationships to objects, from rental and leasing to new regenerative experiences that challenge our ecological awareness and involvement.

This work is the result of two years of a prospective study, interviews, interviews, expert contributions, elaboration of prospective scenarios, research of success stories, and multidisciplinary and international experiments, to imagine a cycle of eco-responsible production-consumption that re-enchants daily life by giving it back meaning.

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Paris , 2019 – ongoing


VIA was created in 1979 by CODIFAB and the French Ministry for Industry. It aims to develop and promote creation and innovation in the furniture, decoration and private and urban development sectors, both in France and abroad.For nearly 40 years, le French Design imagine the future of France’s art de vivre for new generations of people, each one progressively more connected, nomadic and hungry for meaningful and emotional experiences – but also increasingly conscious of their budget and the impact they have on the planet.

As part of the French Design committee Carolina Tinoco is  collaborating to produce a Sustainable Design Innovation Study , events and other multimedia activities to generate debate and create a pluridisciplinary  think tank to accelerate positive change by following the principals of sustainability, circular design  and focusing on the collective.

Num 2.jpg


Paris, 2017-2018


In order to introduce reuse (upcyclying) as an everyday practice for creatives, Carola teamed up with Villette Makerz Fablab and La Réserve des Arts to launch the competition and sales exhibition called “Nouvelles Vies 2”. This competition was destined towards emerging designers and artists that wanted to experiment with secondary resources as primary material, combining new technologies offered at the Fablab with artisanal skills.

Winner 1.jpg
jpgCapture d’écran 2019-05-07 à 18.21.31
Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 13.25.42.png

©Carolina Tinoco

©Julien Rodriguez / Joseph Texeira

©Catalina Trujillo

©Laura Huang

©Marilou Lantieri

Caracas, 2008-2012


Carola was Founder and Director of ECODAR3, a creative consultant civil association promoted design and art with reusable and recyclable materials. through the comprehension and application of the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). This civil association -pioneer in its area- raised awareness, reinforced education and developed projects, programs and products with social and environmental responsibility. ECODAR included an “Ecolab”, which was an experimental laboratory for events , workshops and talks, covering all aspects of recycling and reuse of various materials, from food itself to eco-friendly architecture. This became a window in which artists, designers and architects could display their works and share their knowledge.


©Mariela Martinez

plano eco.jpg
ECODAR - por el medio de la calle 2.jpg

In 2009 , Ecodar 3 proposed to transform the Festival “Por el medio de la calle” (more than 5000 visitors)  into a No waste event. Ecodar 3 proposed an organized system of collection and recycling of waste that was generated in this event.  The proposal included the placement of collection points or ecological urban nodes with ecolounges to create awareness, education as well as transforming the “unpleasant” activity of throwing away your garbage into a useful and playful experience. (Caracas, Venezuela)


©Carolina Tinoco

In 2011, Ecodar 3 developed for the Mayors office of Chacao municipality (71 K habitants) , the first educational and awareness pilot program promoting design and art with reusable and recyclable materials. through the comprehension and application of the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). ECODAR 3 designed, installed and animated for 6 months « ECOLAB », which was an experimental laboratory for events, workshops and talks, covering all aspects of recycling and reuse of various materials, from food itself to architecture.


©Carolina Tinoco

ecolab1 copy.jpg
ecolab services.jpg
troquel abierto.jpg

In 2012, Ecodar 3, paved the way for an environmental awareness program intended for elementary grade students through the comprehension and application of the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) by promoting design and art through reutilization and recycling by transforming the waste generated by SOLITA. (SOLITA de Venezuela has been recognized for its high quality in educational products and school supplies). This program included the training of more than 2000 teachers applied to more than 160 schools and extended to 70,000,00 students. 

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