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Carolina was born in Caracas in the 70’s. She’s Franco-Venezuelan. Her life has been impacted by challenging and disruptive situations as well as fulfilling, gratifying and extraordinary experiences. Through her multidisciplinary journey, she has developed a resilient and regenerative approach to problem-solving and expansion, as the main fuel for her most successful endeavors.  


Her diverse background, enhanced by her multicultural and travel experiences helped Carolina develop an eclectic mix of skills as well as the experience and knowledge to connect, inspire, build empathy and engage people in building a regenerative and sustainable world. She has developed her own methodology and mentorship “From survival to regeneration” to enhance the quality of life through conscious creation, with purpose, empathy and artistic dimension.


Carolina is an architect by profession, but she likes to identify as a multipotentialite -with many passions and creative pursuits- committed to environmental, social & cultural impact projects. She runs a multi-disciplinary practice as an urban designer; architect; interior & furniture designer; curator; professor; entrepreneur: event planner & consultant.  She is International Mentor of RGM, GRIT Coach/Mentor and the Chairperson of Creative Women in France. 


In her early years, she joined the design team for the program Upgrading Urban Settlements in the Venezuelan slums, a responsible and sensitive methodology to minimize negative socio-economic sub-urban living conditions, boosting communities’ self-esteem and tackling challenging environmental, cultural issues. Impact: 2 million Venezuelans, in 51 cities. This model is being scaled into a global model of regeneration for slums and temporary settlements. 


In Venezuela she also ventured as a young entrepreneur with Barbarella, an artistic event & design agency with a playful approach, incorporating innovative up-cycled furniture and iconic artistic concepts.  In parallel, she founded the non-profit organization ECODAR 3, Eco design & Art: reducing, reusing and recycling and the space ECOLAB to create awareness, educate and generate design projects for change. Impact:150 Schools, 20.000 children & 120.00 people in Caracas. 


In 2013, Carolina moved to Paris where she currently lives. She has been part of the international art, design & cultural ecosystem, participating in exhibitions as an artist/designer “New Territories: Laboratories for Design, Craft, and Art in Latin America (MAD Museum of Arts & Design, NY) and curator of the pioneer Sustainable Design and Artistic Exhibition “Nouvelles Vies” at Le French Design by VIA.

She became a sustainable design consultant for Le French Design by VIA. This materialized as “Disruption towards a sustainable design: a prospective study to imagine 2059”. Resuming interviews, research, a “good practice manual” and a “road map towards a sustainable design”. Her latest mission was the selection of 100 Sustainable French Design projects and the design of “ Cahiers inspiration du Design Durable” interactive trend books with a methodology designed specifically to include these projects in 5 themes: new materials, innovative processes, conquest of territories, creative visions and uses of the future. These “Cahiers du Design Durable” will be presented in a design thinking workshop to imagine how to design, produce and consume in an eco-responsible way. led the R&D lab “Disruption towards a sustainable design: a prospective study to imagine 2059” along with a top international council of experts and well-known personalities in the design world to reflect on the sustainable transformation of the industry. Through design thinking, she selected case studies and established guidelines and a road map of practices for sustainable design. Currently, she created the “Inspiration for Sustainable Design- 100 French Design-5 Trend Book workshop and is animating the new platform lounged #connectedbydesign.



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