Carolina was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She graduated as an Architect at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and has been recognized around the world because of her multidisciplinary projects.


Since her early professional years in Caracas,  Carolina’s skillfulness has brought her to experiment in different areas by blending architecture, design, education and arts. Carolina has a unique style of design, a playful methodology that co-exists with her relentless search for the transformation of the “ugly into beautiful” and “useless into useful”. Reinvention and sustainability have always been the core of her career.


Carolina is an insatiable change-maker, promoter and communicator of original and collective ideas through effective means. She has not only participated but also worked as the curator of several contemporary architectural, design and artistic exhibitions.


In 2014, Carolina moved to Paris. Her work was labeled on the same year as an “ethical dimension of design” at the first US group exhibition for Latin American design “New Territories: Laboratories for Design, Craft and Art in Latin America” (MAD Museum of Arts & Design; New York) won with CASE the competition "Les sites artistiques".


In 2017, Carolina was the curator of the successful exhibition Nouvelles Vies, chosen to be part of the international committee for the touring exhibition of "No Taste for Bad Taste" and part of the team leading research and interviews of the study "Disruption vers un Design Durable" for Le French Design" by VIA.


Today, Carolina is developing different Cross fertilization of creative, artistic and sustainable projects with a holistic approach and is a consultant and a creative transformational mentor.


©Paulina Mariño Villanueva